Poropelto: four bedrooms, kitchen, shower, sauna - 120 m²

Poropelto is a sizeable lodge situated in central Hossa, a small village in northern Kainuu munincipality. It is available for rent year-round for visiting tourists and travellers. The lodge is built to a convenient spot between the local centre of tourism (Norwide hotel / restaurant) and the Hossa national park's Visitor Centre. There's only a few kilometers to either of these locations, and the distance can be travelled by either car, hiking, or biking, and additionally by ski'ng in winter.

The lodge consists of four bedrooms plus a living room and a kitchen, along with a shower and a sauna. There's a small outbuilding in the backyard which includes a darts-board, guitar and drums.

A bit to the right from the backyard there is a small camping site outfitted with a makeshift shelter - this is an ideal place for late-evening gatherings around the campfire (although making fire during a firehazard is prohibited).

Inside the lodge there's all the modern luxuries such as running water and a sizeable oven which can be heated with firewood during autumn and winter. In addition, amongst other necessities, there's a TV and a free wireless network. Full equipment list can be found here.