Reservation regulations

 Terms of Service

Making the reservation

The client must be over 18 years old. The payment can only be done when the request has been approved. When we receive the request, you will get an answer in 48 hours. If the requested day(s) are available, we'll send a message of approval, after which you can make the payment. If there's a reason for disapproval, we'll send an explanation, ie. "the house is already under reservation" or "in private use".

If the request has been approved, you'll receive the bill along with a message of affirmation. You'll also get a four-digit code to a keybox that's located on the right side of the front door, a day before your reservation begins, in a separate message, and only after we've made sure you have completed your payment.

From the aforementioned box you'll get the key when applying the received code. You're free to enter the house for the intented duration when your reservation begins - the exact times concerning your recervation can be found from the "staying in the lodge" -section.

You are expected to leave at the end of your reservation. The house must be cleaned according to the rules given on the website. All the doors must be locked (back- and front), and the key must be returned to the box where it was retrieved from. If the key is lost, the locks must be changed, and the ensuing costs will be extracted from you.

If you stay over the allowed period, you'll be charged an extra +20% per day (for the days onwards). You can avoid this additional fee by requesting extra time before your stay's up; the request will most likely be granted (if the calendar is free).

Cancelling your reservation

You have the right to cancel yur order a week (seven days) before your reservation begins by notifying us via email to You'll get your money back if you complete the cancellation within this timeperiod, but if you fail to do so in time, no refund will be given.

The owner of the establishment reserves the right to cancel your order at any given time, be it during or before your reservation - although a sufficient reason must be stated, ie. damage caused by forces of nature (lightning, snowstorms, etc.), general maintenance, the customer breaking of rules and so forth.

If the cancellation is a case of "not your fault", then a full refund will be delivered.

Staying in the lodge

You're free to go into the lodge beginning from the day of your reservation at 10:00 AM. You're free to enjoy your stay as you see fit, but are expected to abide by the rules given. At the day of your departure you should clean the lodge according to the given cleaning instructions (which are on our site and on paper, inside the house). The time of departure for the final day is 14:00 (02:00 PM) at most. Lock all the doors and leave keys in the box where you retrieved them from.

The maximum number of people allowed is the amount of beds, which is 7+1 (during summer/autumn +2 for aitta). Smoking prohibited indoors. Animals allowed if they're indoor trained. During outdoors, all animals - especially dogs - are to be kept on leashes due to reindeer wandering the area.

Bedsheets are available for rent if needed.

Accidents and thefts

If you happen to break something by accident, or there's any kind of damage inadvertly done to the lodge or the surrounding enviroment, please notify the owner immediately via phone or email. If you fail to make the notice, and the damage is spotted upon the next inspection, you'll be charged for the damages, no matter the inadvert nature of the accident.

The nearby garage building is in private use and locked, so entering or attempting such is thereof prohibited. Any attempts will be forwarded to police for investigation, and any missing items, either from the house or the garage will be reported to the authorities. The house is always inspected after each customer.

We are not responsible for any self-caused harm that may occur when staying within the premises.

Notifying us and giving feedback

If you happen to notice any potentially hazardous equipment or places within the house or the enviroment, please let us know either via email or calling. The structures deemed thus have already been marked - such as the unreliable stairs leading to the attic - but there may appear new potential hazards as the passage of time strains the lodge and its surrounding areas. All kind of feedback is always welcome, as well, even if there isn't anything particular to notify or complain about.

Privacy / Camera surveillance

The lodge's driveway are under camera surveillance, but these cameras will be turned off during your stay. They will be reinstated when your scheduled stay is over - this way we can make sure you can enjoy your stay in private, but also so that everyone respects the arrival and departure times laid out in these regulations.

We hope you have a pleasant stay in the lodge.